Allenton Service, Inc.
4.94/5.00, based on 158 ratings; 110 user reviews

  Preston & Jean, 10/18/2018

Great Service every time! Great guys!

  Mike & Sharon, 10/12/2018

Reliable, honest, trustworthy service, as always.

  Kenneth, 05/10/2018

Outstanding customer service, I will continue to use Allenton Services for my Automotive repairs.

  David, 05/10/2018

Allenton Service is outstanding! They are extremely honest and experienced. They only fix what is needed. You can trust them. Their prices are very fair for the quality of work they do.........THANKS!! David Dembinski

  Al, 05/04/2018

The service I received is always very prompt and everything is explained clearly. The staff is friendly and easy to talk to and prices are reasonable and not overly inflated

  Andy & Mallory, 04/05/2018

Allenton Service has been my exclusive mechanic for years. Service and value is top notch. Definitely recommend!

  David, 03/15/2018

Allenton Service is first class! They only fix what needs fixing and only when it needs to be done. They are the most honest repair shop I have come across in over 40 years of car ownership. Go there, you will be as impressed with them as I am!!!

  Rick, 02/08/2018

We always receive an honest evaulation on repair issues, quality repairs @ a fair price and an overall outstanding customer experience @ Allenton Service. Highly recommend this long-term, family based business, as they exceed expectations. Rick & Joyce

  Rose & Greg, 01/14/2018

Great service by knowledgeable people.

  Al & Dawn, 12/21/2017

I brought my car in thinking it had need for a major repair in the front drive line based on the noises I was hearing. Jim called and indicated all it needed was the lug nuts tightened. I appreciate the honesty I have always experienced with Allenton Service. This is a repair shop I can trust.

  Carol, 11/23/2017

Being a woman, we are often "taken" when it comes to car care. Not so with Allenton Service has always been trustworthy in caring for needs of my vehicle. Work is done in a timely fashion and with a smile.

  Jon & Mary, 11/02/2017

Great service. Quality work.

  Matt, 10/19/2017

I really appreciate Allenton Service making the work history available. This helps me recognize when the "routine" costs go beyond tolerable levels. At some point, I can't afford to have an emotional attachment anymore :)

  Russ & Jean, 09/07/2017

The Service is always great. they always let us know what needs to be done and do it well. have been servicing our vehicles for 25# years

  Scott & Susan, 08/24/2017

This is a service station that you can trust!

  John, 06/29/2017

Honest and trust worthy mechanics. Highly recommended group.

  Leo, 06/08/2017

Always top notch service!

  Tom_lisa, 05/20/2017

They have helped us out in a pinch twice! One getting us in for new tires before the rebate expired and then taking care of a flat tire as soon as possible as well! Thank goodness for the road hazard warranty! Thank you!

  Randy & Connie, 04/20/2017

Good service

  Russ & Jean, 03/30/2017

always great service. been a customer for over 30 years.